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January 25th, 2013


The Chinese Government actively monitors and blocks many different IP addresses, IP ranges, and websites. It seems that your IP address may be blocked by the Chinese Governments firewall which is the most likely reason for the slowness and errors you are experiencing. We do offer you the ability to purchase your own, unique Dedicated IP address for your hosting account.

Purchasing a dedicated IP will also give you these additional perks:

1. It will be your very own, unique IP address for your hosting account.
2. Longer script execution time: 12 hours for HTML, PHP, downloads (up from 10 minutes), twice as much SSH/Shell time, and unlimited time for daemons (up from 10 minutes).
3. TCP/UDP Port Control. Some services your site may need require custom ports to be open for connections; without a Dedicated IP these ports cannot be opened on your account.
4. No longer necessary to include the @domain.com part in FTP logins.

Its available for just $30/year and can be purchased from the Dedicated IP tab at the top of the cPanel.


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